Wednesday, September 7, 2011

High life

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The smell of pine wafting from the shore, the whitewashed and sun-bleached terracotta houses shimmering in the midday heat-both remind me of the simple island life during the good old days, before super yachts, oligarchs and the brain-jolting cacophony of modern music emanating from so-called clubs. I'm lying off the eastern side of the Peloponnese, far from the fleshpots of Spetse and Porto Heli, having done them all last week. And I finally have my mail and The Spectator and I am happy at last.

But only for a minute. I read a New York rag that describes Dominique Strauss-Kahn as a great seducer, and I turn into Orlando Furioso quicker than you can say Errol Flynn. How dare these know-nothings call that frog-like corpulent sybarite a seducer? It's like calling the Wehrmacht's conquest of France a stealth operation.

Our phallocentric culture tends to do this sort of thing. Every whoremonger is now referred to as a seducer. Even a low-life like Boris Berezovsky. 'He's had countless lovers,' writes Richard Kay. You mean hookers, don't you, Richard? People who look like DSK and BB are either grab-ass artists like the former, or whoremongers like the latter. No one of the fairer sex would give themselves freely to such ghastly-looking individuals. It's either physical or financial weakness that does the trick, believe you me.

And I know all about the Casanova syndrome. Poor old Giacomo was not exactly a looker, he was bald and had a pot-belly, but he had the art of seduction down pat. It is called crave-ability, the knack of convincing a woman that one cannot live without her, and old Giacomo had that talent in spades. Just like DSK has grab-ability down pat.

Convince a woman beyond any doubt that you are willing to die if you can't possess her, and chances are good that you will land her. Women's emotional reactions are different from those of men. They like romance, men like porn. It makes it easy for people like Casanova, and very easy for those who look like Errol Flynn, as great a seducer as there ever was. Not many could resist him. He had great charm to go along with his great looks, and was very well read. Both his parents were academics, and he could reel off a poem for the occasion that would make a girl's head spin. What more could a girl wish for? Especially young American girls on the make in Hollywood.

David Niven used to tell us about Flynn's ability to charm the fair sex, Niven being no slouch when it came to snaring women. I only met Flynn once, in El Morocco, and he was drunk but very friendly and nice. The girl I was with went weak at the knees, but I was 20 and quick on my feet, and managed to manoeuvre her away from him, and I learnt a good lesson in the process. Always be polite and nice to women, and never try rough stuff à la Strauss-Kahn. Ditto Ali-Khan, no relation. Ali was extremely polite and romantic, and, of course, a great seducer. As was Gianni Agnelli, the Italian Fiat head who broke many a heart with his good looks and refined manners.

What is this thing about today's roughness, anyway? Does a rough manner serve as a sexual cue? Not in my book, but don't forget I'm of an age that trusted old-fashioned habits such as sweet-talking a lady into bed, not strong-arming her into taking her clothes off. One never made erotic allusions to one's intended, one just did what one had to do, gently at first, and if it worked, one went all out. Some of you oldies out there will get my drift.

Anyway, enough of this. I never feel at ease writing about sex; it's far better to do it, but then I must admit I'm intrigued by that disgusting DSK case, two liars in search of sucker justice, he paying for old sins, she looking for a payday to match her imagination. It's rich, powerful, male and white v. poor, helpless, female and black, except in reality it's the other way round. The latter's got the advantage, what with the Noo Yawk black community coming to her aid. DSK has all the lefty frogs and BHL on his side, BHL being even more disgusting and phony than DSK. A plague on both their houses is an understatement.

Otherwise, it's all hunky-dory. My daughter arrived on board from Mykonos, and my son from Paris. JT has a large dog that sprints up and down the deck, jumps on people and furniture, howls when other boats go by, and has made my life simply wonderful because people stay away. Cloudless skies, blue, blue waters, gentle breezes and lots of pines is the order of the day. I read the news back home and am appalled at the hatred and smears of the liberals hell-bent on connecting anti-Islam, anti-immigration and anti-multiculturalism with the Norwegian tragedy. The disgusting New York Times and Washington Post ditto. Yet it is they who are exploiting the mass murder, and their intolerance is the attitude that caused it, not ours. I am against immigration, against multiculturalism, against militant Islam and calling me part of the problem that led to mass murder is like calling DSK a great seducer. An outrageous lie.


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Theodoracopulos, Taki. "High life." Spectator 6 Aug. 2011: 55. Gale Power Search. Web. 7 Sep. 2011.
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