Friday, September 3, 2010

Studies from University of Pittsburgh, Department of Health Policyyield new data on gerontology.(Report).

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Current study results from the report, 'What is nursing home quality and how is it measured,' have been published. "In this commentary, we examine nursing home quality and indicators that have been used to measure nursing home quality. A brief review of the history of nursing home quality is presented that provides some context and insight into currently used quality indicators," investigators in the United States report (see also Gerontology).

"Donabedian's structure, process, and outcome (SPO) model is used to frame the discussion. Current quality indicators and quality initiatives are discussed, including those included in the Facility Quality Indicator Profile Report, Nursing Home Compare, deficiency citations included as part of Medicare/Medicaid certification, and the Advancing Excellence Campaign. Current quality indicators are presented as a mix of structural, process, and outcome measures, each of which has noted advantages and disadvantages. We speculate on steps that need to be taken in the future to address and potentially improve the quality of care provided by nursing homes, including report cards, pay for performance, market-based incentives, and policy developments in the certification process. Areas for future research are identified throughout the review," wrote N.G. Castle and colleagues, University of Pittsburgh, Department of Health Policy.

The researchers concluded: "We conclude that improvements in nursing home quality have likely occurred, but improvements are still needed."

Castle and colleagues published their study in The Gerontologist (What is nursing home quality and how is it measured? The Gerontologist, 2010;50(4):426-42).

For additional information, contact N.G. Castle, University of Pittsburgh, Dept. of Health Policy & Management, Graduate School of Public Health, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15261 USA.

Keywords: City:Pittsburgh, State:Pennsylvania, Country:United States, Gerontology, Legal Issues.

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"Studies from University of Pittsburgh, Department of Health Policy yield new data on gerontology." Managed Care Weekly Digest 16 Aug. 2010: 73. Academic OneFile. Web. 3 Sept. 2010.
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