Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hospital Food Close Up

Hospital Food Close Up, originally uploaded by hirosan.
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HOSPITAL food providers, who buy direct from producers, can save millions of pounds and support British farming (FG, May 21).

Nottingham City Hospital joins many other hospitals, from the Royal Brompton in London to Bristol and Cornwall, and more than 2,000 Food for Life Partnership schools where food is increasingly seasonal, local and organic.

This is leading to healthier diets, encouraging biodiversity, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and, crucially, proving popular with patients and children.

The Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust has rightly received praise from its patients for its enjoyable food, and in East Ayrshire's schools, the number of children eating school meals has increased.

Nottingham City Hospital was the first hospital to achieve the Soil Association's Food for Life Catering Mark, which was launched at the hospital by the Prince of Wales last year.

Food that is both healthy and environmentally-friendly need not cost schools and hospitals more, particularly if waste is reduced and take- up increases.

With 200,000 meals served daily to Food for Life standards, the gain to local farmers is already significant.

If more hospitals buy local, seasonal and organic food, then British farming, the environment, patients and pupils all stand to profit.

Pamela Brunton, Soil Association Policy Manager Bristol.

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"LETTER: Buying direct benefits all." Farmers Guardian (2010): 8. General OneFile. Web. 22 June 2010.
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