Monday, April 19, 2010

Doctor Doctor!!

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A 51-year-old lady paediatrician Dr Pramila Prakash Patil was seriously hurt after being attacked by a 45-year-old man on Wednesday. The suspect Baban alias Chandrakant Krishna Patil (45) was arrested by the Shahupuri police.

Pramila and her husband, a cardiologist Dr Prakash Patil, run Jeevan Nursing Home in the Shahupuri area. Baban resides in the same area and Baban and Prakash were friends earlier.

Baban used to drive Prakash's car in the driver's absence and the latter had extended monetary assistance to Baban on various occasions in the past.

Two years ago, Baban demanded a few lakhs from Prakash to purchase a bulldozer, but the latter had declined.

Thereafter, Baban had stoned Prakash's four-wheeler and had also demanded money. Following the incident, a complaint was lodged against Baban. He was sentenced to four years' imprisonment. A few months ago, Baban had filed an appeal and was released on bail.

After Baban's release, the Patils were not going out of their residence and had also deployed private security in their house and in the nursing home.

On Wednesday when Pramila came out of the house, Baban attacked her with a chopper. Pramila sustained injuries on the neck, head and hands and was rushed to a private hospital.

Baban remained at the spot and surrendered to the police. According to the police, earlier, Baban had faced problems in getting a lawyer for his case. He suspected that Pramila had used her influence and deprived him of legal aid.

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