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Fight virus with wholesome diet, daily workout: Experts; greens, omega3, vitamins can improve immunity level over a period.


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With the swine flu virus attacking those with low immunity levels, nutritionists across the city are recommending a wholesome diet with greens, omega 3 and vitamins. "Immunity cannot be developed overnight. It is an ongoing process and is related to one's diet and fitness regime. So intake of these nutritious foods right now is not enough, you have to continue doing so," said Sushila Sharangdhar, consultant dietician.

Used in common parlance, immunity is ability of the human body to fight any kind of infection by preventing the entry of micro-organisms into tissues. Or, once they have gained entry, it eliminates them prior to the occurrence of disease. And this mechanism, which is naturally available in the human body, requires an extra dose of prodding with a healthy diet and exercise.

"People with reduced immunity are the most susceptible to catch the swine flu virus. So, I'd recommend that besides avoiding situations such as eating out, keeping hygiene etc, they could improve their protein intake, calorie intake and fibre intake," said nutritionist Dr Nupur Krishnan.

Krishnan recommends an increased intake of antioxidants by consuming cabbage, drumsticks, carrot, cucumber, ladies finger, white onion and thyme tea. Certain fruits such as apple, green apple, grape fruits and musk melon too are rich in antioxidants and can help improve the immunity levels. They can also have herbs such as basil leaves, dhaniya leaves with amla. However, she adds: "Non-vegetarian food is best avoided in this season."

Explaining how immunity works, Dr Sharangdhar says, "High immunity levels means better blood circulation and improved cell function, which then is able to fight infections. It is important to eat everything but give special attention to vitamin A available in dark green leafy vegetables, vitamin C available in citrus fruits and amla and vitamin E in nuts such as almonds."

Zinc is one of the most valuable mineral in the human body. It also increases the number of infection-fighting T-cells, especially in elderly people, who are often deficient in zinc and whose immune system often weakens with age. So, nutritionist Dr Shriram Shah advises: "Add fish to your diet. Certain kinds of fish are high on zinc and research shows zinc has great immunity enhancing properties."

The experts have also prescribed regular exerciseand less stress.

Myths and facts

My child is more vulnerable

Whenever there is a flu outbreak, there are more chances of children below five catching the virus. They may spread the virus while playing and interacting with other children. So, it is better to shut down the pre-primary and primary schools

Vitamin C is an effective preventive

Vitamin C is believed to protect against viruses and colds. But the vitamin alone won't help. One needs to be careful while coming in contact with people with flu symptoms

Eating pork will lead to an infection

This is not true. The virus is airborne and spreads through contact. Also, pork cooked up to 160F is completely safe because the temperature kills the virus

Swine flu cannot recur

If you recover from H1N1, your body will generate immunity against the virus for the next few years. But the virus is notorious for mutating; so a recurrence is possible, but it won't be severe

Swine flu can be treated at home... Medication for swine flu has to be started within 48 hours of the symptoms showing. It can be treated at home, provided the patient is kept in isolation. The mortality rate is low. Only in severe cases there's breathlessness and patients might have to be admitted to hospitals

Asthmatic patients are more vulnerable

Patients with uncontrolled asthama would be more prone to catching H1N1. But proper precautions such as avoiding contact with infected people and keeping the asthama in control can help

Mothers on anti-viral drugs should not breastfeed

Most anti-virals fall under Category C, which means they could pose a potential danger to the foetus. If mothers are forced to take anti-virals, they should try not to sneeze or cough near the baby's face

Tamiflu is the only cure

Tamiflu is available only at government authorised centres. Zanamivir, which can be inhaled, is known to be effective. But its availability is highly restricted.

Masks offers complete protection

The efficacy of even the best face mask is not more than six hours. Masks and handkerchiefs form a barrier, but are not foolproof. One should wash hands frequently with water and soap

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