Friday, January 29, 2010

BUSINESS: Demand for both Gold Top and `one per cent'?.


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QUALITY Milk Producers (QMP), the co-operative of British Jersey and Guernsey dairy farmers which owns the Gold Top milk brand, has just completed in-depth consumer research for the brand.

The organisation says it will now be looking at ways in which the research findings can be used to drive the Guernsey and Jersey market as a whole.

Newly-elected chairman, Severn Vale producers' Andrew Payling, said: "QMP was set up in 1954 to represent the interest of Guernsey and Jersey milk producers and to develop the market for Guernsey and Jersey dairy products.

"These remain our goals today."

Meanwhile Phase Two of the FSA's saturated fat campaign has been launched, urging consumers to switch to lower fat milks and illustrating the range of milks on the market.

Dairy UK said the dairy industry welcomed the Food Standards Agency's consumer campaign as it underlined the nutritional value of milk in the diet.

Director-general Jim Begg said: "Dairy UK and its members have been working hard with the Food Standards Agency to help deliver its saturated fat strategy.

"The range of milks no won offer gives consumers choice of a product which suits their diet without compromising on nutrition."

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"BUSINESS: Demand for both Gold Top and `one per cent'?" Farmers Guardian (2010): 16. Culinary Arts Collection. Web. 29 Jan. 2010. .

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