Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fat is top of the 'to be avoided' list.(News in brief). USA, LLC

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A new report from Datamonitor which highlights changing attitudes towards dieting as a result of global obesity concerns has found that reducing fat intake continues to be the main priority of consumers looking to improve their diets. However, many people are not concerned about the actual nutient contents of their diets. A survey of US and European consumers also found that people still attach considerable importance to moderating sugar, salt and carbohydrate consumption. The survey of over 5000 consumers found that saturated fats came top of the list of products people avoid, with 74 percent of consumers saying they are trying to reduce their intake. Some 68 percent of respondents cited reducing sugar intake as important, while 64 percent said controlling calories was important. Reducing the intake of salt was a priority for 61 percent of consumers, followed by processed foods (59 percent) and carbohydrates (53 percent). According to Datamonitor, consumers are also checking food and drink labels with greater regularity.

Source Citation
"Fat is top of the 'to be avoided' list." Food Engineering & Ingredients 32.3 (2007): 41. Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Collection. Web. 20 Dec. 2009. .

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