Thursday, October 15, 2009

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How much fiber can I take without hampering muscle gains, and what are the best sources?

Generally, 20-40 grams of dietary fiber per day is the recommended amount. While dieting, foods such as oats and legumes (beans) can help with fiber intake. If you are not in a position to add high-fiber foods--such as fruits and whole grains--to your diet, fiber supplementation may be the way to go. Fiber supplements should not be taken directly after workouts, as they can impede protein absorption. To avoid this, take them before training and at least 45 minutes after a meal.

It is important to remember that fiber supplementation, in addition to what is found naturally in your food, should not be used to increase waste production, but simply to maintain the health and balance of your digestive tract.

This month we pick the brain of nutritional guru Chad Nicholls For more tips from Chad, go to


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