Friday, October 23, 2009

Food Preparation, 3d ed.(Brief Article)(Book Review). USA, LLC

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Updated with 2005 USDA dietary guidelines and the new food pyramid, along with new materials on sanitation, computerized food service management systems, first aid and fire safety procedures, diet trends, and temperatures for cooking, cooling, and hot and cold storage, this comprehensive text emphasizes cost-effective and safe techniques along with advice on professional development. In 30 chapters Haines and Miller cover such topics as careers in food service, sanitation, tools and equipment, safety, nutrition, cooking methods and techniques, breakfast preparation, batter cooking, appetizers, seasonings, salads, cheeses, fruit, vegetables, pasta, soups, meat and fish, breads, cookies, pastries and specialty desserts. The also include hundreds of large-scale recipes (finally we know how to make six Key Lime pies at once), a glossary, and appendices on such topics as the mathematics related to food preparation. They have included a number photographs so well-done readers may be tempted to eat the pages.

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Named Works: Food Preparation, 3d ed. (Book)

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