Friday, September 25, 2009 Book Helps You Choose Among America's Most Popular Diets; 'Weight Loss Solutions' Includes Daily Progress Journal to Maintain a Healthy Lif USA, LLC

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NEW YORK -- (NASDAQ: DIET), utilizing the power of the Internet to bring consumers healthy diet and fitness solutions, announced today the release of its first-ever book, eDiets Weight Loss Solutions and Daily Progress Journal. The book reveals the secrets behind the most popular diet plans that help consumers find exactly the right diet for their personality, body type and weight-loss objectives. Dieters of all ages are given the tools to translate nutrition labels and create specialized diet plans for vegetarians, diabetics, and hypoglycemic dieters, and many more.

"Americans are inundated by information about the latest diet plans from Atkins to the Mediterranean Diet. Whether you are lactose intolerant or want to lower your cholesterol, we all have different lifestyle and dietary needs. We've gathered many different diet and fitness solutions, incorporated instructions from some of the fitness industry's most respected experts and compiled it all into this easy to understand book," said Susan Burke, Chief Nutritionist for eDiets.

Motivational tips and tools within the book keep dieters on the path to success and helps keep them from straying to the junk food aisle. The book walks dieters through fitness obstacles they may face and offers motivation through real success stories. The book features fitness tips and exercises from Oprah's trainer Bob Greene, and Body for Life's dieting and nutrition guru Bill Phillips. Weight Loss Solutions help dieters achieve goals they had always hoped for.

eDiets Weight Loss Solutions & Daily Progress Journal features a substitution guide to help dieters enjoy the foods they crave while allowing them to eat at their favorite restaurants. The book's journal lets dieters keep track of their daily progress and is an effective motivational tool. Journaling while dieting has been a proven eDiets tool for losing and maintaining weight.

"This book was created to help real men and women stay motivated, access their willpower and fight dieting temptations," said Burke. "We help you choose a diet and stick with it, preventing the yo-yo dieting that will never lead to real results. The book celebrates the successes of real people who have lost the weight and kept it off. The motivational, fitness and nutrition tips can help readers create their own eDiets success stories."

The book is available on the Web at as well as at bookstores nationwide.

About eDiets, Inc. offers more than 20 personalized online nutrition and fitness programs, as well as access to a wide range of expert and peer-based online support services, and the site receives over seven millionunique visitors per month. The company also publishes a personalized online interactive magazine, along with a family of industry-leading electronic newsletters that have an opt-in circulation base of over 13 million.

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