Monday, May 4, 2009

stay-trim secret

I OBVIOUSLY DON'T WATCH ENOUGH cooking shows, because I was bemused to hear so many people say upon meeting or seeing a picture of Ingrid Hoffmann, star of Food Network's Simply Delicioso: "She's so tiny!" Why wouldn't she be, I thought, until my food editor explained to me that some foodies and celebrity chefs are a little on the plump side, perhaps from eating too much of their own good food or because their recipes use a lot of rich ingredients. Not so with Ingrid. In fact, women who work for her actually lose weight. Learn how in "Latin Light" on page 78 (and heed these tips):

* DON'T SKIP MEALS. In high school and college, I skipped meals all too often and wondered why I overate when I finally did sit down for some food. It wasn't until I ate small meals every time I was hungry that I was able to lose weight.

* AVOID MINDLESS SNACKING. Giving up snacking is a hard one for me. Eating salty pretzels and fatty corn chips are so much easier than cooking a meal! But they rarely satisfy, and, of course, they offer little nutrition, so I end up feeling worse for it.

* EAT WHOLE FOODS. There truly is nothing more satisfying to me than eating a meal I've shopped for and cooked myself. The food tastes better and I always have this amazing feeling of accomplishment. With the help of Ingrid's inventive (and uncomplicated) recipes, I look forward to many nights of delicious and nutritious meals--and crowing about how easy it all was!



Source Citation:Bolster, Mary. "Latin diet: Food Network star Ingrid Hoffmann's stay-trim secret: eat real food regularly.(Editor's Letter)(Editorial)(Brief article)." Natural Health 39.4 (April 2009): 10(1). General OneFile. Gale. BROWARD COUNTY LIBRARY. 4 May 2009


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