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It all started on Dec. 28, 2006, when I weighed 285 pounds at 45% bodyfat! A couple of my buddies bet me that I couldn't lose 50 pounds by my 50th birthday, March 31, 2007, so I started working out. I lost 30 pounds by Jan. 31 but then the weight loss slowed. I began doing more cardio and lifting, training seven days a week. I also cut my food intake way down and chose mainly healthy foods such as fish, chicken, turkey, brown rice, oatmeal and egg whites. I drank lots of water; no soda or booze.

By March 311 weighed 230 pounds at 30% bodyfat. Over the summer I kept the weight off but didn't lose any more. Since I had always wanted to be a bodybuilder when I was younger, I joined a gym and got help from a few trainers. I worked out hard and put on 10 pounds of muscle by Nov. 6, and lost another 4% bodyfat. I began seeing a new trainer on Feb. 21, 2008. We worked out three days a week and she put me on a zigzag carb diet. I trained alone four days a week and did cardio twice a day, six days a week. At the Heartland Natural Bodybuilding show on April 5, I weighed in at 190 pounds and less than 10% bodyfat. I took second in the open novice against two younger guys and fourth in the Masters 50+ against eight other competitors. I can hardly wait to get to the gym each day to do my best.

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